Monday, June 15, 2015


What a joy to be a part of what God is doing on the South Side!

This morning we began serving in our work teams. Our work teams will serve together every morning this week. There are three groups this year! One group is serving at one of the local elementary schools and assisting teachers in the classroom. Our students in this group are absolutely loving interacting with the elementary school students.

The second group is serving Living Hope Church by organizing the donations to the thrift store as well as preparing an apartment to be ready for a couple to move in.

The third group is serving with Sunshine Gospel Ministries and will be working on community garden areas as well as clean up of the Sunshine properties and lots!

The groups are listed below so you can be praying for them!

After work groups, we left Sunshine and headed over to ride the "El" train from the South Side to the North Side and back. Students were challenged to engage people riding on the train in conversations, to listen to the stories of others, and to observe. Your kids were incredible. It was such a joy to see them engaging and connecting with people on the train.
Tonight, we enjoyed a time of worship and were again blessed by Joel and his teaching.

It was a wonderful day.

All is well from Woodlawn.

Here are the groups. Please be praying for their continued positivity, their openness to what God is doing, their attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, their health, and their safety.

Elementary School Group

Leaders: Hamdi, Lou, Kelli
Sarah D
Abbey M
Alyssa L
Anna H
Tori G
Lauren W
Laura H
Elle K
Bowen J
Katie S
Charlie S
Riley K
Jackie B
Jake J
Allison H
Ellie E
Elizabeth C
Elise N
Joe M
Jake K
Jonah L

Living Hope Group

Leaders: Jason, Bunky, Dave
Graham T
Chris M
Calvin P
Josiah J
Clayton W
Tim S
Lydia Spr.
Wyatt E
Quinn N
Lydia Sch.
Joey R
Zach G

Sunshine Group
Leaders: John, Kristina, Erik
Claire L
Maddy B
Caleb H
Evan C
Jacob B
Dillon Z
Jeremy S
Nicole J


abuyse21 said...

What a joy it is to be able to pray for you all ,being the hands and feet of Jesus!
"The Lord has told you what is good,He has told you what HE wants from you; Do what is right to other people. Love being kind to others. Live humbly, trusting your GOD!" -Micah 6:8
Lifting each of you and praying for the new friendships you are forming among each other to come home with, and cherish for eternity! Thank you for being selfless and giving of yourselves for HIS Glory!
~Angie Buyse

Janna said...

How awesome you all are to let God work through you this week. Open your eyes to see His goodness and share His love. Quinnie, we miss you around here. Especially your fish who cannot see due to the murkiness of his water. We are proud of you ALL. Can't wait to hear more about your week!