Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Today's highlights include Stratified Monopoly, serving in our work groups, another great message from Joel, and thoughtful discussion.

The Living Hope group did an amazing job working on the interior of an apartment that a couple will soon move into! They hung cabinets, tiled the bathroom, and other various tasks all with a servant's heart. The Children's team continued serving in the classrooms. They have immersed themselves into the culture of the school and have touched and been touched by the people in the community. The Sunshine group continued working on the community garden projects. This team is not afraid of hard work and their efforts will have a visible impact in Woodlawn!

Stratified Monopoly simulated economic realities in the U.S which demonstrated some of the financial barriers that continue the poverty cycle. This sparked interesting discussion and provided us with a new view on economic contributors that perpetuate the poverty cycle that we may have not considered before.
Joel again blessed us with his teaching. Tonight, he shared the history that has shaped the economic and racial realities of neighborhoods in the city and suburbs of Chicago. This background enriched our understanding of Woodlawn and challenged us to ask ourselves, what is our response as Christians to injustice.

More tomorrow....keep praying. We feel your prayers. Praise God for what He is doing!


Susan Zaugg said...

Loving seeing all the team is doing and processing this week! I'll keep praying for the team daily. Dillon, we miss you here! It looks like you are having a great week. Now that you have had experience serving in the realm of landscape, our hosta beds are eager for you to return home to work on them. :) I'm trusting that your last couple of days with Sonshine will be very good.

With love and prayers,
Mom and Dad

Janna said...

I love seeing your smiles!! Totally a day brightener. I can't wait to have you back to teach us all that you have learned. What an honor to serve, to love and to be transformed by this experience. Bring it home with you and lead us into deeper understanding.

Quinn, your fish is still alive. The water it's swimming in is a lovely shade of brownish grayish greenish yellow. He says hello...and HELP.

Just two more days...still praying for you all.


Judy Chirpich said...

Pictures tell a thousand words, and from what I am seeing in the pictures posted, you all are in the moment, and doing God's work. It is a blessing to see you all being taught and influenced by a fantastic leadership group, the Sunshine Missions ministry, and the people of Chicago. Keep up the good work! Evan - we miss you, and cant wait to hear some of the experiences you have had during your trip. You are a rockstar and we love you. Blessings to you all.

Damon Smith said...

You all look amazing and so full of joy! I'm sure Gods walking next to you all, so you may spread his word! Prayers are coming to you all from all over the world! We love the blog updates and photos! Miss our kiddo and her cheerful friends! Can't wait to see you all in a few days! Sounds like Gods work is doing amazing things in OCA as well! Much love and blessings, Damon and Elizabeth

Lisa S said...

Only 2 days left! I know you must be tired, but it looks like you have had an amazing impact on the South side. I can't wait to hear your stories. Stay strong and remember what it feels like to be so dependent on God. It should be like that when you come home too. So proud of all of you. You are giving it your all and making a sacrifice for the Lord.
Love to you all!
Lisa Stinchfield